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Online learning for SFC network members

CLINKS, the national charity supporting voluntary organisations working with offenders and their families and the leading national SFC partner, have developed a new online learning area for members of the SFC networks, including yourselves, where you can access free e-learning courses and complete them how, and when, you like.

Channel 4 promotes PCC elections

Channel 4 is working in partnership with the Home Office to promote the forthcoming PCC elections, which will consist of adverts followed by a PCC promotional message to encourage interaction and an opportunity to find out more about the elections.

PCC elections booklet & Choose My PCC website

A campaign to raise awareness of the PCC elections was launched on Thursday 22 November by the Electoral Commission, including an announcement that 21million households across England (outside London) and Wales will receive a booklet with information about these new elections and how to vote in them.

PCC national communications campaign

A nationally run campaign is underway by the Home Office to raise public awareness for the upcoming PCC elections, which are now less than three weeks away on 15 November.

Safer Future Communities: Full list of PCC candidates by counties

With nominations now closed for PCC candidates, please find below a full list of candidates for the counties in which One East Midlands leads on the Safer Future Communities networks.

15 lead partners announced by Big Lottery Fund

The Big Lottery Fund has announced the 15 local partners, including Framework Housing Association in Nottingham, which will lead the charge to bid for between £4million and £10million to support those with multiple needs in their local areas.

Funding for disabled PCC candidates

The Home Office has made a fund of £2.6million available to help disabled people overcome barriers in becoming PCCs.

HMIC publishes a report in preparation for PCCs

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), which monitors force performance to encourage accountability and transparency, have published a report on the progress of police authorities in preparing for the introduction of PCCs.

Overview of police and crime panels

Police and crime panels will scrutinise the actions and decisions of each PCC and make sure information is available for the public, enabling them to hold the PCC to account.

Briefing on public awareness campaigns

The national partners of SFC have published a briefing outlining the plans to ensure the public are aware of the role of the PCC and the process to elect them.


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