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Directory for VCSE working in criminal justice and rehabilitation

Clinks, the national charity supporting voluntary organisations working with offenders and their families, will be launching Partnership Finder, a new online directory for VCSE organisations working in criminal justice and rehabilitation, on 1 August.

Cross-government reforms benefit charities and mutuals

A comprehensive package of measures to help the voluntary sector and mutuals compete for contracts to cut reoffending has been announced by the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Justice.

Policing, crime, health and social care

Clinks, in conjunction with NAVCA, have published a briefing explaining the links between the new local commissioning arrangements for policing and crime and health and social care.

Evidence the value and impact of your volunteers

CLINKS have recently developed an evaluation toolkit, specifically for VCS organisations working within the Criminal Justice System and who involve volunteers in their work.

Community Programmes Awards 2013

The Howard League for Penal Reform is looking for the country's best and most successful community programmes which help cut crime and rebuild lives.

Engaging the VCS in community justice and community safety

CLINKS has published Six principles for engaging the VCS in community justice and community safety.

Examples wanted of decommissioning

CLINKS, the leading national SFC partner, have been asked by the Home Office if they are aware of any services being decommissioned locally as a result of the PCC and other commissioning reforms.

Resources from SFC National Conference

The Safer Future Communities National Conference took place on 20 February.

Ongoing SFC resources

While the national work of SFC will be coming to an end, the resources that the project has produced will remain online, for local VCSE organisations and commissioners to access and use in their work to navigate the new local commissioning and partnership environment.

Survey of the VCSE attitudes to PCCs

Nationally, SFC recently surveyed VCSE organisations on their attitudes towards PCCs.


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