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Police & Crime Jargon Buster

Please find below useful terms, abbreviations and sets of initials, which you may come across if your voluntary and community sector organisation works closely with the police and criminal justice system, alongside a list of the police hierarchy.

Further fall in number of first-time young offenders

The number of young people convicted for an offence for the first time is continuing to fall, recent Ministry of Justice figures have revealed.

Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network launches it’s 5 year strategic plan

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network is the national umbrella body representing Neighbourhood Watch members across England and Wales. It has just launched a new Strategic Plan outlining its ambitions over the next five years.

CLINKS state of the sector report 2015

The CLINKS state of the sector report 2015 has been published.

Police and crime commissioners and civil society

This report shares best practice to develop further collaboration between police and crime commissioners and civil society.

New employment data lab pilot

The Department of Work and Pensions has announced its commitment to pilot an Employment data lab.

Police and crime commissioners survey

In the run up to the second anniversary of the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners, CLINKS would like your help to understand more about how they are working to address local community safety needs and how they are engaging with the voluntary sector.

A guide for PCCs on commissioning from VCSE providers

CLINKS, which supports voluntary organisations that work with offenders, has published a guide for police and crime commissioners on commissioning from voluntary, community and social enterprise providers.

Online directory of VCS organisations working with offenders

Clinks, the umbrella body for VCS organisations working with offenders, has launched an online directory for VCS organisations to promote their work in criminal justice to primes and commissioners.


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