Health & Wellbeing data masterclass for third sector organisations - March 2018

Dates:  Wednesday 7th March - Derby and 14th March - Nottingham (10.00am to 1.00pm)

Cost: £95.00 per person

Opening up the world of publicly available health and wellbeing data to support the business development of third sector organisations.


This is a training session designed to equip staff and volunteers working in local third sector organisations to access, understand and apply a range of freely available public data sources to support business development activities. The session will reveal how organisations can freely access a range of data sources that illustrate health and wellbeing trends affecting communities across England.

The session will include reflections on how organisations might use publicly available data sources to support a range of third sector business development activities including:

  • Social investment

  • Social prescribing

  • Grant funding applications

  • Tendering, commissioning and public sector contracts

  • Proactive engagement with GPs and Clinical Commissioning Groups

Course requirements

Participants do not need to have an existing knowledge of existing publicly available data sources but should be computer literate and competent in basic operation of PC technology common software eg MS office application etc. Participants should be prepared to engage in group work activities to assess the potential value and use of each data source presented.

Learning outcomes

As a result of this session participants will be able to:

  • Identify at least three publicly available data sources which are freely available at the point of access to assist third sector organisations with their business development activities.

  • Improve their ability to access and navigate at least three publicly available data sources.

  • Consider how they might apply publicly available data sources in future to support a range of business development activities.


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